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Educations Media Group


Strong industrial network

Educations Media Group is backed by Verdane, the Northern European specialist growth equity investor. We use our extensive professional network to identify and evaluate attractive business opportunities.

Strong financial flexibility

Our strong balance sheet and cash flow allow us to support our brands long-term, capture investment opportunities and pay a steadily rising dividend.

Highly skilled employees

We focus on the long-term development of our employees and offer opportunities to continuously learn and build skills and knowledge.  A strong corporate culture, which is open and adapts to changes in the outside world, is key if we are to be able to recruit and retain key competence.

Top Tier Management team

The strong management team, with founders still onboard and eager to continue the growth journey ahead. The major reason why EMG has been able to generate high employee satisfaction and profitable growth for 19 years is dedication from the management team.

Organisation overview




Educations Media Group - a Verdane company

Educations Media Group is backed by Verdane, a private equity investor specialised in scaling growth businesses based out of Northern Europe. Verdane is one of the most active growth investors in Northern Europe, and is a recognised specialist in scaling digital consumer, software and energy & resource efficiency businesses. For more information, visit or LinkedIn.

Company awards



Five time winner of Dagens Industri Award "Gazelle Company"

FindCourses Global has qualified and won the prestigious Dagens Industri Award "Gazelle Company" five times in a row between 2010-2014. This independent review by Dagens Industri means that we are one of Sweden's fastest growing companies and meet the strict criteria required to qualify as a Gazelle.




EdTech Europe 2013 and 2014 - Top 20 Company

EMG is proud to have been a finalist of the “EdTech Europe 20″ 2013 and 2014 at the EdTech Europe Summit, held at London Business School. An award that recognises the Top 20 fastest growing and most innovative EdTech companies in Europe!



award_seoWinner of the Swedish SEO award 2020

Our mission is to gather the world's education in one place and make it easy for every student and organization in the world to find their perfect educational program.  Collaborating with providers make us stronger and give us a better reach. Our sites are optimized to attract the most attention from search engines like Google. In 2020 we where awarded Swedish SEO award of the year, which is proof of the amazing work we do to increase client content visibility through our sites.