About us

We are the market leaders in education search worldwide, working with providers of professional training, student education and leisure courses. Our different education marketplaces give people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to find the right educational opportunity to grow together with others and to seek new knowledge.

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By students, for students, since 2000

The start of Educations Media Group (EMG) began in a living room in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 2000. Three students were trying to search for the next step in their educational journey and struggled to find a comprehensive selection of all the programs available to them. There were no suitable services for finding programs online, so they decided to launch the first comprehensive directory of undergraduate education in Scandinavia, 2001.

Since then, our online search has influenced the Swedish market by making educational programs comparable and accessible with just a few clicks. Today, we are proud to say that our search engines engage 43 million visitors a year to find, compare, and connect with some of the best education providers around the world.

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Our vision is to help everyone in the world to find the right education

We believe education drives the world forward and is the key for achieving business goals, organizational ambitions, and peoples' dreams. Education is not about enforcing knowledge; it’s about starting something within. We believe people of all ages can learn and achieve anything! It’s a way of thinking, a philosophy, and it’s the desire to grow that matters. We strive to improve so we can help as many people and organizations in the world as possible.

We have seen how education helps organizations - big or small - transform employees into an innovative workforce, prepared to lead their industry. We believe training is essential in recruiting and retaining talent. Today’s workforce doesn’t just want training, they expect it. No one wants to feel trapped in a position or career. Professional education breaks stagnation and keeps employees moving forwards and upwards, and ensures that they stay engaged and happy.

Where will education take you or your organization?



Our core values


We are passionate about education and all the positive change it brings. We're inspired by the millions of visitors and providers we work with and their educational experiences. 


We are results-oriented and always strive to achieve both individual and team goals. At EMG we always go the extra mile to deliver on time - and in full.


We are dedicated, have a high work ethic and always strive to exceed expectations. We understand our clients' and users' needs and deliver to a high quality standard.