Upskilling & reskilling

We make it easy and efficient for companies to upskill and reskill their workforce

How our service works

Discover education

Access the world’s largest network of training solutions, or turn to us to organize your bespoke requirements.

Easy to book & buy

With end-to-end training purchasing support, we make sure your training gets booked, paid for and delivered.

Free support 

Our service team keeps track of attendance and employee feedback and ensures the highest quality in suppliers.

Measurable results

We measure the effect of the investment and provide a full overview of all purchases through our integrated reporting tools.

What makes our upskilling and reskilling special?

We are with you all the way

We analyze and identify the right training strategy for organizations and business. We manage time-consuming processes and through Findcourses PRO we can provide a fully customized internal booking system. We make sure companies get the best prices in the industry and ensure the quality of the education you invest in has the expected effect you desire.

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Save time and money by streamlining your purchases

Letting us handle all of your course bookings minimizes the number of training providers in your purchasing process. This helps us push prices and lets you access discounted offers. It will also make it easier for your employees to find the right training by comparing all the course options in one place.

Measurable effects and free data

We have extensive experience in developing, leading and securing programs with measurable effects. Our goal is always to ensure measurable results and Return On Investment for our customers. Findcourses PRO offer collated purchasing reports, cost savings, employee participant feedback and attendance reports - all in one single place. 

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How can we help you?


Talk to Findcourses PRO to get a professional tool for educational purchasing. The solutions are tailored and adapted to each client. Findcourses PRO work with well known Swedish brands such as Swedish match, Skandia, HSB and more!

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EMG consulting takes business forward with a productive skills development strategy. As a supplier-independent partner, they can help get business and organisations to take new exciting steps.

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