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The Education industry in Sweden is growing every year. 🎉 We think it’s because Swedes are as crazy about education as we are. We believe education is the best way to combine interest with ambition. We are so proud — during 2020 alone we had over 32 million visits. We welcome all people to find, compare, and connect with some of the best education providers in the country!

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Swedish sites


studentum_se_rgb_300 is the biggest education marketplace for Swedish post-secondary studies! Together with the sister site they have more than 12 million visits every year! Our visitors are mainly in the age of 18-33 and are interested in a broad variety of education categories. 

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gymnasium_se_rgb_200 had more than 5 million visits last year. High school students ready for their next educational step turn to to find information about our schools and programs, help and inspiration. Our visitors are mainly in the age of 14-16 and they are eager to get in touch with the gymnasiums in Sweden. 

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utbildning_se_rgb_200 is Sweden's largest education marketplace for professional training and skills development. It was launched 2004 with the vision of becoming the natural choice for everyone who want's to move forward in their career. Today has over 1.7 million visits per year!

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kurser_se_rgb1 and was launched with the vision to inspire Swedes to a more active leisure time. When our users take a look at their bucket list – we want to be the obvious place to start. and has more than 2 million visits every year, made by people of all ages that wish to accomplish something new.

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Blueberry is Sweden’s leading recruitment-agency for higher education abroad. They help students from Sweden and the Nordics to apply to colleges and universities in other countries. All service for the students including counseling, administration of application, help with VISA, government funding etc is completely free. Twice a year we host Sweden’s largest fair for studying abroad and all of their partners are welcome to participate. 

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