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Every year, around 50% of working adults get professional training in France. Most of the time, the demand comes from companies looking to upskill their employees. But a growing number of individuals want to expand their knowledge and competences through training, mostly for personal development, career progression or starting a new professional chapter.

It’s crucial for training providers to target all these different audiences, whether corporate or personal; Topformation helps them in doing so by connecting them to a wide audience of professionals. Our role is also to guide users in their search for the perfect course, and provide them with important information such as how to finance their training.



topformation_fr_rgb_300-1 helps companies, managers, employees, jobseekers and self-employed workers find the right training.  Whether it’s for upskilling, a career change, starting a company, skills assessment or finding the perfect job. More than 1 million French users turn to Topformation every year to find the next step in their professional path.

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