Targeted marketing

We connect education providers with people and organisations who have an ambition to become more than what they are today


How our service works



Our visitors search for their next step

Whether it’s a short course in pottery, an IT qualification or a medical degree program at a university – we inspire, guide and lead students on their lifelong learning journey.


Search, find and compare the best options

We have over 280,000 courses available. Every page is strategically built and composed to make it as attractive as possible on search engines.


Reach your target group wherever they are

Thanks to our work with extra services such as email marketing and retargeting, we provide visitors a friendly reminder to keep pursuing their perfect education.


Information requests or bookings

When our visitors find their perfect match, they can contact you (or even book a spot at your next program or course) directly via our platforms. 

Our target groups

Student education

Universities, Private Colleges and private high schools. Aimed at current students, future students and their parents.

Professional training

Training Providers, Business Schools and Universities. Aimed at working professionals, companies and ambitious individuals.

Leisure courses

Course Providers in the leisure and recreation industry. Aimed at anyone looking for a hobby related course.


What makes us different?

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20 years of experience and data insights

We have built a deep understanding of how people and organisations find education. We know what triggers behaviours and why people seek education and we can predict trends and quickly adapt to changing markets. With us, you will get a better connection to your target market. We are happy to share and discuss insights via our annual knowledge sharing seminars and personal meetings with our marketing consultants. 

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Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.

Our mission is to gather the world's education in one place and make it easy for every student and organisation in the world to find the right one. Collaborating together with providers makes us stronger and gives us a better reach. Our sites are optimised to attract attention from search engines like Google. In 2020 we were awarded the Swedish SEO Award of the year, which is proof of the amazing work we do to increase client content visibility on our sites.


Reach people where they are

In 2020, we welcomed more than 43 million visitors into our 12 different educational platforms. Even with over 5 million members we never stop working to improve our services and our offerings.