studentum_dk_rgb_300 was founded 2008 and is an education marketplace for young people searching for a full education. They have more than 1.4 million visitors every year. Most of them are potential students looking for inspiration and the right opportunity. On our visitors are mainly 18-30 years old and are interested in a broad variety of education categories.

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finduddannelse_dk_rgb_300 was started in 2008 and is the largest education marketplace in Denmark for training! Our visitors are professionals looking to upgrade their skill set within many different categories. We have almost 1 million visits every year. We’re used by all the major Danish companies, public and private.

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kurserforledige_com@x2, conceived in 2010, was born out of the financial crisis. The site is targeted towards unemployed who are eligible for state-funded training. This site is targeted towards a very specific and narrow target audience who tend, due to their circumstances and available funding, to convert quicker than the average course-seeker. Almost 100,000 visitors per year.


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