Social responsibility

Education for everyone

We believe everyone has the right to an education.  For families living in some of the poorest places on earth, education is their greatest hope for their children to build a brighter future. Knowledge breaks down prejudices between sex, gender and religion and is the foundation to democracy. That is why we try our best to take positive action in making education available for more people.

We live by these principles

Equality is inclusive

We expect that all EMG employees always treat everyone, no matter gender, age, race, sexuality or other diversity, with kindness and respect.

Diversity is strength

The biggest reason for our success is our people. The EMG family consists of 170 employees with 30 different nationalities, and we look forward to growing our talent.

Sustainable work life

We strive for a healthy work environment and encourage our employees to eat well and to participate in EMG activities such as yoga, tennis, running, floor ball and more!

Social initiatives

We are sponsoring the CCLK school in Gambia.

We have distributed workbooks, pens and erasers to the 250 students. We also support the school with a special focus on kids that have parents that can’t afford to send their children to the school.

The school's principal, Mary, has done a great job expanding the school from 50 to 250 students in just 6 years.
Today they have classes up to 6th grade and Mary’s vision is to be able to keep the students until 9th grade. She also wants to offer her students computer training which isn’t possible today. We are committed to helping Mary realize her vision, which is very much inline with our vision of helping everyone in the world to find the right education!

To support Mary and her amazing work:

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Christmas for everyone!

We have decided not to buy individual Christmas gifts for our employees, but instead, we donate money to a charity project that is close to our hearts.



Employee of the month donation

Each month we nominate the EmPPPloyee of the month, where the winner gets to choose a charity that EMG will donate money to.

Some of the organizations EMG employees have donated to over the years:




We do everything in our power to leave the smallest footprint possible

Responsibility to ourselves, our current users, and our customers requires us to do everything in our power to leave the smallest footprint possible to preserve our planet and its inhabitants for future generations to come.

Sustainability initiative

Hopping online, not on a flight

To reduce our ecological footprint we encourage online meetings over in-person meetings that require air travel to attend.

Minimizing waste


We deliver our material online rather than in-print and encourage recycling in our offices.

Organic food


We always choose organic food and oat milk is always an alternative in our locally produced coffee.
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“We believe education drives the world forward and the key for achieving business goals, organisations ambitions and peoples dreams...”

Fredrik Söderlindh, CEO/Founder

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