- Winner of the Swedish SEO-Award 2020  🎉


We at the Swedish team are super exited and very proud to be awarded the Swedish SEO award 2020. The award is judging which website that has had exceptional development within organic traffic during the year.  This year took home the first price! 

Since the start in 2001, Educations Media Group and always had a strong focus on SEO to increase the site's visibility, so that we can reach out and help more people find the right education. This award shows that we work with just the right things and it is well in line with our vision to be able to help everyone in the world to find an education.

- It feels fun and it's a big honor to receive this award, Beatrice Brettmar, site Manager at She has worked hard on different SEO projects. But we agree that success is strongly dependent on the team's joint efforts, not only from the past year, but also further back in time, says Mathias Flink, responsible for the SEO work at EMG Sweden


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About the Swedish SEO Award

The Swedish SEO Award ( sweden ) is a non-profit organization that was started in 2019. They highlight and draw attention to Swedish sites that during the past year have increased their visibility and had exceptional results in organic search. The prize is awarded in various categories that have been nominated and selected by a jury consisting of some of Sweden's foremost SEO specialists.

Julia Andersson

Inbound Strategy & Marketing Specialist